Satellite Broadband

In this day and age, almost every house in the country will have some internet access. Primarily, people will opt for a broadband of sorts. There are loads of broadband types out there, more so than some people realised. Back in the day, everyone was stuck with the same old dial-up connection. This was painfully slow and was known to drop whenever someone used your phone line.

Thankfully, over the years, technology has allowed broadband to change and evolve. One of the most revolutionary developments has been satellite broadband. There are so many benefits you can receive from choosing a satellite broadband provider for your home. Here we'll run you through all of these reasons, and more! By the end of the piece, you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider satellite broadband before.

Super Fast Speeds

The main bonus of satellite broadband is that you get super fast speeds. It’s said to have download speeds up to 300 times faster than a traditional dial-up connection. This makes downloading things an absolute breeze. If you’re working from home, you don’t have to waste precious time waiting for important attachments to download from emails. Likewise, you can stream videos in crystal clear high definition, with no worry of lag or interruption. It also makes web browsing a lot faster than other broadband connections. Typically, you won’t see much a speed difference if your internet is quicker than 2Mbps when using a dial-up or fiber option. However, with satellite broadband, you get lots of technologies that improve browsing speed. It makes web pages load quicker and enhances the performance.

You Can Receive Broadband Everywhere

One of the biggest dial up broadband issues is that your location sometimes determines the quality of your connection. What I mean by this is that if you live too far away from a telephone exchange, you’ll have a poor internet connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re promised high speeds, your location can prove problematic. This is particularly tough for people that live in rural areas where there might not be an exchange for miles. Luckily, satellite broadband completely obliterates this issue. It’s got nothing to do with telephone lines, so your distance from an exchange is irrelevant. As it uses satellites, you can receive fast, quality, broadband wherever you happen to live. It’s a broadband option for absolutely everyone. No longer will you have to worry about your geographical location preventing you from getting online.

Flexible Tariffs At Affordable Rates

A huge benefit of satellite broadband is that there is a range of tariffs available. Most ADSL or fiber packages only include a couple of options. You’ll get a ‘budget’ option that gives you hardly any data, or you can pay loads more for an unlimited tariff. With satellite, you can choose a rate that fits you and your family. There are so many options that fit different people with different internet usage. If you compare the rates to dial up or fiber, it’s way more cost-effective. You’ll never have to overpay for broadband just because you need more data than the cheaper option provides. And, as a bonus, you can pay for your broadband on a pay as you go service if you want. This is a great option for people that have a very limited internet usage. Sometimes, it’s a waste of money paying for a monthly package because you use very little data. So, pay as you go is convenient and saves you from wasting your cash. If you look at any satellite broadband review, they’ll all say that it’s much cheaper than the other options out there.

Why Do You Need Satellite Broadband?

Now, I’ve run you through the main benefits of this broadband option above. But, you may be wondering why anyone needs it? What’s the point in getting it if you can have fiber optic broadband that’s even faster and just as reliable? Well, the main issue is that not everyone can get fiber broadband where they live. They may only be confined to a dial-up connection, which might not be reliable. Plus, as mentioned earlier, they might be too far away from an exchange, so even a dial-up isn’t accessible. So, to answer the question, you need satellite broadband if you require reliable internet access when there’s no fiber in your area. It’s head and shoulders above dial-up, and way cheaper too. Check if you can get fiber, and if not, satellite is your next option!

Stop struggling with a slow internet connection! Become one of the many households that’s converting to satellite broadband today.

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